January 1, 2002

This morning I trudged through the deep snow before dawn to get in place to watch the first sunrise of the year. The moon was so full and bright that I could see my shadow moving across the trees as I walked through the woods. I brushed off snow and took a seat near the top of a hill overlooking a large field.

While I waited I could hear several owls hooting, each in a different direction. Shortly after the owls marked the end of the night the sound of crows marked the beginning of the day. Their raucous cries were soon joined by the flute like sounds of Blue Jays. Soon a small flock of Chickadees flitted from tree to tree and in the thick pines I could hear the yelping of turkeys.

The sky to the south east took on a rosy hue. The clouds and landscape showed a wonderful range of lavenders, reds and pinks against the blues of the sky. As the orange sun peeked through a gap in the clouds the field and nearby trees were lit up with a new radiance. Thousands of tiny spots of frost and snow flakes sparkled in the light, like tiny, fragile jewels.

Then the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Sparse, gentle snow flakes began gliding down to the ground.

What a wonderful start to the year. Happy new year all.

January 2, 2002