January 2, 2002

Today I photographed a hen Ringneck Pheasant in the snow. Rooster pheasants are brilliantly colored with luminous green, white, red, purple, brown and black and an irridescent sheen that is in constant change as the light plays across their feathers. Their beauty is obvious. The beauty of the hen is much more subtle.

The hens are a study in tan, brown and white. Their plumage was meant to help them blend in, not stand out. Yet when you look closly at them you notice more. Each and every feather, all of the tiny parts that make the whole, are delicate patterns. All of these patterns fit together like a mosaic.

I find it a lot like getting to know people, when you take the time to look you can't help but notice that there is much more than first meets the eye.

January 3, 2002

January 1, 2002