January 7, 2002

For me a good sunrise is like a symphony of light. It has a preamble, a promise of color and potential. There is drama, an outcome that is spectacular or subtle. There is suspense, a result that is in question. And when all of the elements come together in a beautiful setting there is a triumphant fulfilment.

For me a good sunrise is spiritual. The color and the experience just send my soul singing.

We tend not to talk much about what is spiritual in our lives. I don't necessarily mean religous matters. I mean what effects our spirits, our souls, the things that give our lives meaning. The very places, people, thoughts and experiences that we hold sacred in our lives. The harmony of our existance.

We acknowledge the needs of our body and mind, but sometimes ignore the needs of our spirit. Stimulating my spirit is just as important as seeing to the needs of my body and mind. Taking the time to watch the sun rise is like taking time to hear the music that my soul dances to.

This wonderful sunrise was photographed just five steps from my back door. What more can I say about how I feel here?

January 8, 2002

January 4, 2002