January 11, 2002

Soaring Spirits

I was going to put in a nature observation for today, but I've decided to shift directions, I hope no one minds. I ran into someone last night going through some tough times and I thought maybe some of what I have to say might help someone else out there too...

I started the week out on the 7th talking about how we tend not to discuss what is spiritual in our lives, the things that effect our spirits. Today I feel extremely optimistic, almost euphoric in the face of some very challenging times. Everyone goes through tough times sooner or later, I thought I'd mention some things that help lift my spirits during those times.

Have faith in your self. Sometimes it seems like your life is at the whim of events beyond your control, but the truth is that you have a tremendous capacity to control the direction of your life.

Stay active. Each and every day you need to do something constructive. Making any foward progress can be as important has how much progress you make.

Get exercise. Even if it's just walking (which is really great exercise) get some exercise each day. Sometimes it can be hard to force yourself to do this, especially this time of the year, but you get an immediate pick up. There is nothing like using your body to make you feel more alive.

Remember the important things around you. Friends, family, even pets, ideas and surroundings, there is so much of value to you in this world so don't forget about them, revel in them.

Try to laugh. Tell a joke to someone else or do something silly to make them laugh. Probably they will return the favor. I have a friend that I get silly with almost everyday. I think both of us always have our spirits lifted. It's hard to put a value on that, it's priceless!

Talk with a friend. Share your feelings with them. This is what a good friend of mine wrote to me recently, "alot of times talking about things going on in your life helps you deal with them more effectively because you have a calmer mindset... you've thought things through and can make good judgements...". Good advice from a good friend.

Go outside and find beauty. Nature and beauty help put things in perspective, help put problems in the context of a larger setting.

Be patient. Things will get better with time. No one wants to go through hard, painful times. But these are the times that help define you and give the rest of your life something to be measured against. You can learn from these times and become a stronger, person with more depth. It will get better, so hang in there.

January 14, 2002

January 10, 2002