January 14, 2002

New Snow

Our January thaw has come to a halt with the arrival of about 8 inches of snow in the last few days. Yay!

New snow is such a delight. It transforms everything. Even the most mundane scenes and objects take on a new life.

As I wander through the landscape, it seems to me that the world looks as if it had been designed by a graphic artist. Visually the scenes take on the characteristics of a fine engraving. Everywhere I look I see studies in positive and negative space, white accentuating black.

The sweep of a branch takes on new grace. The strength and power of a tree trunk is highlighted in the snow. Scenes that I would normally not give a second thought to are suddenly wonderfully appealing. Every where I wander is a feast for my eyes. It is almost overwhelming, there is so much beauty everwhere!

And the real epiphony is that all of that beauty was there all along. It's all in how you see the world. There is no mundane anywhere.

January 15, 2002

January 11, 2002