January 15, 2002


The snow continued today. While out on the edge of a woods waiting for deer to come through on their way to their bedding areas I started thinking about the snow.

I tried to keep my eye on a single flake for as long as I could, watching it float down to join a sea of other flakes. It wasn't easy. As one flake crossed in front of another it was hard to keep focus on which was which.

I tried to pull my concentration back and look at the flakes as a group. The snow was coming down pretty hard, I was very still and was practically encoated in a layer of white. In the back drop of the tree in front of me I could easily see several hundred flakes coming down.

I slowly let my gaze sweep from left to right. In the small opening in front of me there are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of flakes coming down that very moment. In my mind I visualized my little 27 acres of heaven. How many snow flakes were falling there right now?

I thought of the weather map that I'd seen earlier in the morning. It was snowing across my state, across several counties, hundreds of square miles. Tiny flake by tiny flake, a cloud was descending, blanketing the landscape. In the time that I had been there over an inch of snow had fallen... over hundreds of square miles.

As I tried to really wrap my mind around this, tried to have my thoughts encompass the extent of these little flakes of water, a doe and a first year deer walked out in front of me, passing through the snow.

January 16, 2002

January 14, 2002