January 16, 2002

Turn the page

Fresh snow is like a new sheet of paper with a story written on it.

The tracks across a snow are the alphabet that the story is written with. The tracks tell the tale of the wanderings of the animals in the last day.

Written on the page of snow is exactly where the deer ate the night before. You can see where they pawed through the snow to reach some food. You can also look at the melted oval forms and see where they bedded down.

Looking at the page of snow you can see where the turkeys roosted during the night and then after flying down walked off to forage for breakfast. You can also see where the pheasants followed the hedge row.

There is a lot written on the snow about how the rabbit is living under a brush pile and eating the bark of young plants. Not far off the cat like tracks of the red fox show where she hunted for mice with her nose plowing through the snow. Further down the tracks show where she leapt straight up in the air and landed with all four feet together over the top of a mouse under the snow.

And as more snow falls these stories are slowly erased, and new ones written in their place.

January 17, 2002

January 15, 2002