January 17, 2002

Running buddies

During the non winter months I get some of my daily exercise by running on trails through the national forest. I have a 4 mile and 7 mile route that take me along one of my favorite stretches. This stretch is along a dirt road where I move from one trail to another. Its a pretty little stretch when the sweet peas are in bloom, but the real reason that I like it is because my running buddies are there.

The road is bordered by a pasture on the west side and in the pasture are two little ponies. Frequently when I'm running these ponies will stop what they are doing and come galloping across the pasture to the fence. As I run up the road they run along side of me, sometimes whinnying at me. Eventually I make a right hand turn away from them and head up the other trail. After running to my turn around point about a mile away I head back in their direction. Lots of times they are waiting for me to come back and run along side of me again when I head the other way down the road.

I don't know why, but I just get a huge kick out of running along side those ponies. It's like we share a common enjoyment together.

Well this morning I was in that area to do some photography. Before walking away to the place that I wanted to shoot some scenics I noticed the ponies out in the field, framed between some small pines. I got out my tripod and camera to try to capture them posed between the 3 pines. No Go.

As soon as I set up the tripod they came galloping over to me across the snow. They looked shagy and burly in their long, thick winter coats. One is butterscotch colored, the other milk chocolate.

Several times they ran up to me, stopped, then ran away and came back all over again. I swear, it looked for all the world like they were saying, "Come on guy, lets go for a run!"

January 18, 2002

January 16, 2002