Look close, can you see me?
January 22, 2002

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Sometimes I just blow it.

There is no nice, elegant way to cover up for my mistakes. This morning I was out before the sun rose. I could hear the beating of wings and the shifting of branches. I immediately knew that it was a ruffed grouse, jostling for a better position on a poplar tree. The grouse survive the winters here on an almost exclusive diet of the buds of these aspen trees. I moved towards the sound. When I saw the birds I quickly set down my tripod and tried to focus on them. Wrong move. I was way to direct, and not patient enough, and I had to watch as the plump birds sailed away in the rosy predawn light.

Sometimes everything comes together.

Later on after noon I had the exact opposite experience. I saw 3 game birds ahead, quietly adjusted my tripod for a nice, low, birds eye angle, and waited for the opportunity to unfold. It was wondderful! The light was great, when I anticipated where the birds would move they stepped right into place. There was catch light reflected off their eyes. They moved ever closer to me, ending up about 15 feet away. All the details of their feathers, feet and combs were caught on film. They weren't frightened by the sound of the camera. Everything came together and I can't wait to get the three rolls of slides back!

January 23, 2002

January 21, 2002