January 23, 2002

Mud Blues Prep Day

To be totally honest this is the type of day that I least like. We are in the midst of another thaw, the temperature is well above freezing. All of the snow has melted off the trees and there is water and mud everywhere. The spot where I got the great photos just yesterday with the snow acting like a reflector and providiing such nice lighting is today just open brown grass.

So it's time to look forward and try to make good things happen. This may sound a little gruesome... but today I dragged a deer carcass in place to take preditor photos in the future. I have a special elevated stand that helps conceal me for this type of shot. But even then the problem is that many of the animals that I hope will visit will be coming in at night. So tomorrow I will be setting up a special camera that is triggered by the combination of heat and motion. Hopefully I'll be able to photograph some of the action, even if I'm there at the time.

January 24, 2002

January 22, 2002