January 28, 2002

Music of the thaw

For the time being the thaw continues. Each day more of the snow and ice melt, more of the land opens up and more water enters the swollen streams and rivers. Like arteries flowing through the body of the land, the rivlets and creeks provide nourishment.

When water is locked up in snow it is actually a very dry period for the land. Ironically the land can be covered under several feet of snow for months at a time, and yet not a drop of the water touches the ground below.

This reprise of spring will soon be interrupted again, several snow storms are expected later this week. But for now the water flows again.

My favorite part of the thaw is the sound of the running water. The two largest ponds on my property are connected by a stream. There is a water fall between the two ponds and while the thaw is going on I love to hear the music of the waterfall. The rest of each pond is still under the cover of ice, but for one brief stretch the water sings.

January 29, 2002

January 25, 2002