January 29, 2002

Turkey Day

Today was Turkey day. No, not that Turkey Day, a different kind of Turkey Day.

Everybody has their quirks. Perhaps everyone doesn't, but I have enough to make up for those who don't. One of my minor quirks is counting, particularly wildlife.

In December I spent some time in Texas. Each evening huge flocks of snow geese and cranes would make their way across the sky. With the first flock I found myself counting as fast as I could to figure out how many birds were there. After seeing over 500 birds in just one of the flocks that flew over the first evening I quickly learned to count the number of birds in a strand and then start multiplying by the number of strands that I could see so that I had an accurate estimate well before the flock moved past.

In January I get to put my counting quirkiness to good use. I help do a wild turkey survey for the Department of Natural Resources. In the past they have called me up on the phone to get my counts of local flocks. This year however there is a turkey census form on the web.

If you have a similar quirk, you can make your counting count by taking part in a census in your area. There are all kinds of wildlife counts run by various organizations from local department of natural resouces to the Audubon Society that count everything from birds to butterflies. Drop me a message if you need a hand getting started.

January 30, 2002

January 28, 2002