January 31, 2002

New Day Dawning

I took a big step today that I'm very excited about!

I usually try not to mention anything about the technical side of photography here. I know from personal contact that some of you are very interested, but I think for others it's just a means to an end. And that end is the enjoyment, understanding and maybe even cherishing of Nature. I'm actually much more interesting in sharing those types of ideas, feelings, and images than the details of how the images are made.

But today is an exception. I'm making the leap into digital photography in a big way as of today. I have just started arrangements to purchase a quite expensive digital camera. I think this camera will greatly increase my ability to communicate and also improve my images as well.

I typically have to send my exposed slide film to a high quality lab in another part of the country. By the time I collect enough rolls to send out, the shipping delays that occur and normal processing times happen, it can be months before I see the film again, some times even longer. By the time I scan and edit them it is even longer before you see them.

With a high quality digital camera I can view images the very day, hour or minute that they are created. I frequently work with low speed tight grained films and very tricky lighting situations. Getting the right exposure can be very tough. With digital I'll have instant feedback. Also when I'm excited about a shoot I can communicate it immediately, using the days images to illustrate what I've seen and experienced. And there are some images that I have had in my mind that can only be created digitally, and I'm almost jubilant about the chance to get going on them!

From a business perspective it also fits in very well with my current plans. I won't bore you with that side of my life. But all in all I think this is the right time and an exciting direction to move in.

I should have the camera sometime next week or perhaps even the week after. I'm really enthusiastic about this and look forward to the changes that this is going to make possible. I hope to share more and better images with you real soon!

February 4, 2002

January 30, 2002