February 25, 2002

Back again

Well, after a brief hiatus I'm back.

We are entering the heart break period of winter. Yesterday was wonderfully warm, a great time for a walk. A few amorous birds were singing and I noticed crocuses pushing up through the ground. Tomorrow a snow storm is coming in.

All we can do is wait, Spring will be here in it's own time. And of course the waiting and anticipation will make it all the more sweet when it is here.

But while waiting for those bold flowers and in anticipation of the wonderful colors of spring here is a peek at some crocuses in bloom.

This period of time can be really rough on wild life. Just when it looks like they are past the worse of winter a debilitating storm can come in and really pose a challenge.

The same kind of circumstances can pose a challenge to the spirits of us all. Hang in there :)

February 26, 2002

February 7, 2002