February 26, 2002


A blanket of new snow covers what will soon be my bed of flowers. At times it has snowed hard, but the total accumulation hasn't been more that three inches so far.

Winter holds the land in her icy fingers once again, but even now the openings in the snow show that her grasp is weakening.

I watched wild turkeys scratching away snow to reach food under the spots that were open just a day ago. They know where the food was recently and they know how to get to it with the least amount of energy used. This time of year the turkeys travel in large flocks, hens and toms together. Very soon they will be breaking up into groups of Toms and groups of hens, when their actions are dominated less by food and more by other persuits that come during spring ;)

February 27, 2002

February 25, 2002