February 27, 2002


I walked out into the night and gazed at how the world had been repainted with the strokes of moon light. The moon was so full it left dark shadows across the ground. A few stars winked in and out of sight as wisps of clouds passed in front of the moon.

It is believed that at least as many animals are active during the night than during the day.

I momentarily gave into the impulse to explore, I moved towards the fields and woods. The air was so crisp and the moon so bright that there seemed to be a glow eminating every where. Each little sound was magnified through the chilly air.

I soon overcame my urges, and headed back into the warm glow of my home.

But I know, there is much that is wild roaming through the shadows of the night.

March 4, 2002

February 26, 2002