March 4, 2002

Winter Kill

A major snow storm came our way this weekend. By sunday morning we had about 14 inches of snow and 5 more fell during the day. Today was very cold, it started out below zero. I watched a deer on a hill side pawing through the snow for something to eat. I'm not sure of they are able to locate food from memory or smell (I suspect smell). When the deer was feeding it's head diappeared below the snow and the only thing that was visible was it's shoulders and back.

It is wonderfully beautiful outside, the trees are laden down almost to the breaking point with snow. Every where you look the land has once again been transformed. And yet it comes at a price. This is exactly the kind of storm that can have very harsh repercusions for wildlife.

Most of the animals that live through the winter this far north are able to go a few days without eating. Many hunker down in a relatively warm and dry place and literally wait for the storm to blow over. But the reality is that as more days pass without a break in the weather it begins to take it's toll in lives.

That is the harsh nature of the wild.

March 5, 2002

February 27, 2002