March 5, 2002

Frozen Time

Standing in the snow I slowly turn around, taking in everything around me. The pine trees with their snow laden boughs gracefully reaching down to touch the white shrouded ground, the wind swept snow drifts with their swirling crests frozen in place looking like a message written in some florid, forgotten language, the intricate self-similar ice crystals branching across the face of the stream.

Everything is so peaceful, so... contemplative. It's as if more than the landscape is frozen, as if time itself is frozen. My own corner of the universe has stopped just for me. Nothing moves but my thoughts. Time stops and yet it stretches out forever.

I can close my eyes and then slowly open them again, hold my arms out at my side and slowly turn again. Time is still frozen. The spell lasts until I break it by leaving.

I step back into time, it flows around me and the world continues.

Thank you Jordan

March 4, 2002