March 22, 2004

English Setter Puppies

We visited a friend today and I photographed her English setter puppies. There are 8 puppies and they are about 4 weeks old. Words just cannot express how cute these little ones are. I held one that gently nibbled on my ear lobe and crawled out of my hands to sit on my shoulder. Others fell asleep curled up in our arms.

The pups have some of their larger splotches of colors now, but the rest of the colors will grow in as the puppies get larger. Underneath their soft coat you can find an abundance of freckles, which foreshadow the color that will eventually show up in the dogs fur. Some of the puppies were bi-colored, either black and white or orange and white. But a couple of the puppies were already showing signs of having unusual tri-color coats with specks of black and orange on a white base.

While holding those cute, vulnerable, little puppies and feeling their soft fur and warm licks it was impossible to not feel an affinity for them. It was a good thing that we left when we did, because I was already starting to think about bringing yet another dog home.

March 21, 2004

March 25, 2004