March 26, 2004

Foggy Forest

Today's image started taking place in my mind about 7 years ago. I was driving back from dropping my daughters off at school one early spring morning. I looked into the trees and noticed how the fog gave the woods a feeling of hidden mysteries. I wasn't able to photograph the scene that I saw, but I my mind's eye I played it back many times whenever I thought of spring images.

This morning I was heading out to see if I could get back to a particular beaver pond where I wanted to start a project. It's been warm the last few days with evening showers. A lot of the snow has melted and the air is saturated with moisture and thick with fog. As I drove I thought back to that scene of fog in the trees several years ago, and I changed my plans for the morning.

I headed to a stand of tall pines and wandered around, literally walking through the cloud that was settled over the woods. The woods had an eerie feeling. Without being able to see the sun the trees looked much the same in all directions. I could imagine walking through the woods and finding something wonderful, but being unable to ever return to the same spot again.

I did find something wonderful, and now I have a way to return... all I have to do is look at this image.

March 25, 2004