March 31, 2004

Symphonies at Night

I went for a walk in the night and listened to two of nature's symphonies.

At the beginning of my walk a flock of migrating geese passed overhead. There was no way to see the birds except for the twinkling of an occasional star as the birds momentarily eclipsed the star light. But the evening sky was alive with the voices of the geese.

While there were several birds singing at the same time they had different timbre and cadence. I could make out the voices of individual geese. I stood and listened. As they flew off into the distance their voices faded as I imagined the message that they were giving to each other, "Keep going, be strong. We are almost there. Almost there."

Further along on my walk I passed near a flooded pond long ago created by beavers. The edge of the water was alive with a different music. Tiny frogs called peepers were singing. I have no way of knowing how many. Their voices merged together and filled the night with a symphony that joyfully proclaimed the arrival of spring.

March 30, 2004

April 1, 2004