April 6, 2004

Sandhill Cranes

I got in very early this morning while it was still dark and waited along the side of the field for the pair of Sandhill Cranes to return. Just before first light I could hear the cranes on the water behind me. Their sound could not be described as melodic. They make a squeky hing sound good though.

The cranes continued to... sing. I could make out that they were moving and soon they appeared over the tree line. What a sight to see! Their wings stretch out to a span of 7 feet. They glided down on to the field in a running stop. They walked past me to the right, then turned and fed to the far left side of the field before crossing to the upper side of the field on my right again.

Everything was working out perfectly except for one detail. The light was terrible. It was overcast and starting to rain. I was really impressed with how my equipment handled the conditins though. I pushed my film rating all the way up to 1600 and shot as fast as I could. It looks like this image was taken in day light, but in reality the lighting looked more like night.

When the rain picked up the cranes flew back to the flooding. In my minds eye I imagined them standing in moody lighting with water beading on their backs.

April 3, 2004

April 7, 2004