April 7, 2004

Return to the Marsh

I returned to the field along the marsh today hoping to capture the sandhill cranes in better light. I could hear them calling just as the sun was coming up, but they flew to a different field than the one that I was watching.

I walked along the waters edge, skittering from hummock to hummock when I heard a loud shreek. I knew immediately what the sound was and looked up to find a bald eagle perched on a dead tree out over the water. As I watched the eagle flew across the water and joined another eagle on a penninsula that jutted out into the water.

It is a thrill to see these magnificent birds soaring. I see more eagles every year as they continue to recover. Hopefully these two will stick around and nest in this area.

On the way out I checked the field again and a pair of deer were grazing in it. I quietly slipped down to my knees behind a pine tree and made several images.

April 6, 2004

April 8, 2004