Early February, 2005

Above the River

As far as I know this is the widest stretch of the Pine River. A few days earlier I passed through this area just as a bald eagle was flying over the river. I came today with my camera (otherwise known as the eagle repellent device) but no eagle was in sight.

It's easy to see why an eagle would be drawn to this area, there is lots of open water and high vistas for an eagle to survey the water. I like this spot because it's one of the few places around that is open enough to watch the weather. When the conditions are right you can watch clouds rolling in. Sometimes there will be stationary clouds or fog over the water, and sometimes the clouds billow and swirl with amorphous fingers probing the water and land.

If you look closely in the first image at the furthest bend in the river you can see where the other images are from. In the end I'm just playng around with the colors and impressions of the scene.

Lost Robins?

Things to Come