May, 2004

Walk along the beach

I came back in the evening when the light was much softer and warmer. I walked along the beach section and looked into the cobble pan, hoping to see the plovers easier with the long shadows on the stones. I did not see any and was heading back when the same pair appeared in front of me by the water. They were right in front of the fenced area. I droped to my knees and photographed them as they ran in and out of the surf and preened. I was back a ways and they were oblivious to me. I slowly followed (on my knees, in the wet sand, at 37 degrees, brr!) and photographed while the light held out. I tried to get some photos that showed the fence. In those photos you can see that the wind was so strong that the ribbons were blowing straight out.

After the sun went down and I lost the light I just sat down and watched. The Piping Plovers ran in and out of the surf. The bird with the missing foot was definitely at a disadvantage when the waves came up, it had a noticeably harder time keeping balance. The birds stood together in the wet sand for a while and eventually they walked into the fenced area.

At that point I turned around so that my walking past would not disturb them and I walked back to the west, and then circled around into the dune, just to be on the safe side.

Master of Camouflage

Rooster Pheasant