Early February, 2005

Lost Robins?

In early January I still had robins on my property. I was working in a blind and had two come in and eat shelled corn that I had scattered on the ground. Then we got a big snowstorm and they disappeared.

Earlier this week I was a couple hundred miles further south where there was still snow, but the temperatures were getting above freezing. I noticed a flock of a dozen robins descending on a couple choke cherry trees, eating the dried berries. I liked the soft warm light in the background and the red of the berries with the orange of the robin's chest, so I stopped to photograph them.

While I was shooting this older gentleman came and stood next to me for a while, watching. I'm not sure which he found more interesting, the birds or the fact that some silly guy was stopping to photograph them. When I had a good shot of a berry in the beak of one of the birds I stopped and put my gear away. When I finished up the man finally asked me the question that was on his mind, "Do you think those robins are lost?"

Winter Eagle

Above the River